Action Plan 2015/16

Priority Enable Collaborate Educate Facilitate
Means: Build and sustain a culture & community of innovation . Bring together networks & partnerships. Coordinate and maintain mentorship & education programs. Work to provide innovators access to equipment, people, patients and places.
Action: 1. Pitch Competition to identify and celebrate achievements;

2. Networking events that build community and capacity;

3.Inventory and benchmark student activity   entrepreneurship; and

4.Connect students with peer resources.

1. Establish Resource Board to engage with TAHSN, CLA, & UofT Networks;

2. Create resource map to better link needs with expertise;

3. Regular meetings with engaged stakeholders (e.g. monthly mtgs with Techna, CLA, H2i faculty, etc.,).

1.   Establish Mentorship program;

2. Develop or coordinate Innovation workshops, seminars, etc.;

3. Map resources currently available to students and connect them.


1.   Provide stipends and funding opportunities;

2.   Link students with equipment and expertise (eg. Techna); and

3. Establish frameworks to test and evaluate new ventures with ‘users’ (proof of concept protocol).