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the Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Competition (QEC)

Each year we receive numerous business plan submissions from around the globe, and the top 15 teams are selected and invited to Toronto to pitch their business plans to a panel of Canadian business leaders. There are over $75,000 in prizes awarded throughout the final weekend for the top pitching entrepreneurs. The QEC final weekend never fails to foster a vibrant exchange of ideas, unparalleled innovation, and the start of new professional and personal connections. Click here for more information

Startup Open House 2017

SOH showcases your local startup community

For an evening, startups open their doors and welcome top talent, passionate investors and curious neighbors into their offices. Walk through your city visiting the most innovative startups and connect with top entrepreneurs where they create.

From the website:

“The idea behind Startup Open House is, as hinted by the name, to open up our vibrant startup communities for visitors to discover. We are hoping this will help all of us gain more visibility among the general public, and to make great connections in the process. The workplaces where startups grow are often the best places to learn about the company’s work, its mission, and its culture!”

Click here for more information

Sunnybrook Next Generation brings you Hawk’s Nest

On November 21, @MaRS Discovery District, 4 medical technology startups will come out and pitch an all-star panel of judges + a room full of 300+ savvy guests.

The pitches will be followed by a tough Q&A from the panel and will be scored across a set of categories.

At the end of the night the winner will be crowned by audience vote. The champ will earn non-dilutive funding to the tune of 50% of the net proceeds from the event, up to a maximum of $50,000! While the rest of the money raised will be donated to the highest priority needs of the Sunnybrook Research Institute.

A lovely reception will precede our Main Event, featuring an open bar and some serious food. We will also be hosting upwards of 25 booths from other Canadian Medical Technology Startups. Click here for more information

H2i Client wins the James Dyson Award for Canada


Two University of Toronto PhD students are taking home the Canadian national James Dyson Award for Force-Film. The technology is a thin surgical instrument add-on that accurately measures forces exerted on tissue from minimally invasive surgery.

Robert Brooks and Justin Wee built the patent-pending design. The device retrofits any standard rigid MIS instrument, and the forces detected by the film are wirelessly communicated to the surgeon, providing live force feedback that allows the surgeon to determine exactly when dangerous levels of force are nearing… Continue Reading

H2i Client wins Hatchery’s Lacavera Prize for Entrepreneurship

$10,000 Lacavera Prize: Xpan — Expanding keyhole surgery

Team Xpan (left to right: Zaid Atto (EngSci 1T6 + PEY), Seray Cicek (EngSci 1T6+ PEY), Chevis Dilbert (MechE 1T6 + PEY)) has created an expandable tool to help with laparoscopic surgery. (Photo: Tyler Irving)

Laparoscopic surgery — sometimes known as ‘keyhole surgery’ — is an attractive medical option for patients: smaller incisions can reduce both pain and healing time. In this type of surgery, instruments and cameras are inserted into the body through a device known as a trocar. But the members of Team Xpan believe that the trocar can be improved… Continue Reading

H2i Client in MarketsInsider – Centric Health Announces Strategic Agreement for Innovative Medication Delivery Appliance

Centric Health Corporation (“Centric Health” or “the Company”) (TSX: CHH), Canada’s leading diversified healthcare company, today announced that it has signed a strategic distribution and supply agreement and a strategic investment with AceAge Inc. (“AceAge”) for its “Karie” home-based automated drug delivery appliance.

Designed for individuals taking multiple medications, particularly seniors living independently or without full-time care, Karie is an innovative device that makes it simple to follow complex medication regimes by automatically delivering prescription drugs, in the correct dosage and at the right time. The medication comes pre-organized in an easy-to-load cartridge and the patient’s medication schedule is also stored. Karie goes off like an alarm clock when it’s time for each dose and provides a visual and audio alert. It can also be set to automatically notify a family member or caregiver if a dose is ever missed. Continue Reading


How do you build a more diverse tech company? It starts at the top

When Huda Idrees founded Dot Health, a health technology startup in Toronto, she had a radical thought: what if her new company’s culture didn’t have to suck?

In an industry where women and people of colour are often underrepresented, a company’s first hires typically reflect its founding team — so mostly white, and mostly male. But Idrees’s startup is a striking example of what can happen when the opposite is true.

“If I’m leading the company, I can set the tone for it,” said Idrees, who was previously the chief product officer at the finance startup Wealthsimple. “And it does happen top-down.” Continue Reading

UofT’s science leaders talk women diversity, discrimination in STEM

University of Toronto students Ekaterina An, Alexandra Mogadam and Melissa Galati  spent countless lunch breaks talking about the challenges they face as women in medicine. An and Mogadam are in the master’s program and Galati is a PhD student in the Institute of Medical Science at the Faculty of Medicine. They talked about issues like how conscious women have to be of their appearance, whether they can express their femininity and whether women have to work harder to be taken seriously. But the questions proved too big for the three U of T graduate students. Continue Reading

H2i was a proud supporter of the event,  It Was Never A Dress, that showcased a panel of U of T’s trailblazers in science, technology, engineering, math and medicine for a discussion at Hart House on Aug. 1.

If you were unable to attend the event, you can find the social media recap of the night, here!

Break into the Inner Circle of Life Science Dealmaking

BioPharm AmericaTM is a unique partnering event that moves your company and assets to the next level. No other event combines high-caliber partnering with power networking in an intimate setting. As the industry’s premier life science partnering event, it’s the perfect place to connect with strategic partners and get your innovation funded!

September 26–27, 2017
Sheraton Boston Hotel,
Boston, MA