Benefits and conditions of H2i Membership

a University of Toronto Campus Linked Accelerator (CLA) .

H2i Mission:

To Connect, Align, Serve and Facilitate the translation, innovation and commercialization of Health Matters, with a specific interest on trainee driven entrepreneurship.


Client Member: is defined as an individual or group of post-secondary trainees pursuing a defined business idea for whom the H2i is dedicating assistance (financial/non-financial) of at least one 1 hr meeting per month.  In most cases but not exclusively these trainees will (undergraduates, graduate, residents, post doc fellows or other) be affiliated with the University of Toronto.


  • Access to paid advisors, faculty advisors, and volunteer mentors
  • Access to professional services:
    • eg Lawyers, Accountants, Marketing firms or professional  organizations
    • Techna Services
  • Access to specialized equipment and labs
  • Links to partnership network (TAHSN, UHN, RIC’s, CLA, etc)
  • Complimentary access to H2i Events
  • Access to funding and support available from H2i (on a competitive basis);
  • Inclusion on H2i’s website and promotional materials,
  • Access to H2i’s investor network and resources.

A program mentor (or mentors) to help provide project related feedback.