How a Toronto startup is helping Canadian athletes in Pyeongchang cope with jet lag

For Canada’s freestyle ski team, a split-second decision in Pyeongchang could have life-altering consequences.

The Olympians need to be at their sharpest to tackle jumps at dizzying heights or descents at lightning speeds, and getting a good night’s sleep is crucial.

That’s why a Toronto-based startup called Somnitude has provided the elite athletes with special glasses that block out blue light before bed. The goal is to help them sleep better and adjust to jet lag in an Olympic village 14 hours ahead of Toronto.

“If they’re going down a hill or a mogul and you misjudge something slightly and your response is a bit delayed, it could really affect the way you perform,” said Amol Rao, a University of Toronto industrial engineering master’s student who founded the company in 2016. Continue reading