uBioDiscovery aims to bridge the gap between scientists and the general public by increasing science communication. Our first service is an individual microbiome analysis. There is no such thing as a universal “healthy diet”. The right diet for each person is different and is dependent on the specific bacteria in your body that we rely on to break down our food. Every single person has trillions of bacteria in their body that is as unique to them as their own fingerprint. All of these different species of bacteria living together inside of you play a fundamental role in your immune function, digestion of food, and your mood on a day to day basis. This unique population of bacteria is known as your microbiome, and holds the answers to many questions involving the development of diseases in humans. With the purchase of our kit, superbioME, we can tell you what bacteria are living inside of your body, what foods you should be eating, and probiotics to be taking, to make you the healthiest version of you possible.

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