H2i Client wins Hatchery’s Lacavera Prize for Entrepreneurship

$10,000 Lacavera Prize: Xpan — Expanding keyhole surgery

Team Xpan (left to right: Zaid Atto (EngSci 1T6 + PEY), Seray Cicek (EngSci 1T6+ PEY), Chevis Dilbert (MechE 1T6 + PEY)) has created an expandable tool to help with laparoscopic surgery. (Photo: Tyler Irving)

Laparoscopic surgery — sometimes known as ‘keyhole surgery’ — is an attractive medical option for patients: smaller incisions can reduce both pain and healing time. In this type of surgery, instruments and cameras are inserted into the body through a device known as a trocar. But the members of Team Xpan believe that the trocar can be improved… Continue Reading