Healthedge Overview

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  • Sparking innovation and supporting young entrepreneurs as they tackle real healthcare challenges
  • The HealthEDGE Initiative was born from a need to catalyze more ideas around real and current problems with the health care system or patient/caregiver quality of life. HealthEDGE is a platform for change, but it starts with people; people who see challenges, gaps, problems and opportunities.

HealthEDGE Initiative

  • The heart of healthEDGE is hearing from the community about everyday health related challenges. For young entrepreneurs who want to make an impact, HealthEDGE will first provide a platform to hear about these everyday challenges faced by caregivers, patients and health care providers who are looking for solutions to improve the quality of life for those living with illness.  
  • As relationships build and problems are highlighted within the community, HealthEDGE and the Health Innovation Hub offer programming throughout the year to spark innovation and support the development of solutions.

Annual HealthEDGE Challenge

  • The HealthEDGE Challenge focuses on further supporting and encouraging early stage ideation and prototyping of solutions that address real healthcare challenges. This is achieved through targeted workshops, mentorships and a Pitch Competition to provide funding as well as access to partners, coaches and mentors to bring these solutions to life.
  • Winners of the Pitch Competition will be supported by one of the HealthEDGE sponsored CLAs (H2i, DCSIL, or The Hatchery) as they develop a detailed business plan outlining milestones, deliverables, resources required, costs and check points to facilitate the development of their innovative solution.
  • The focus of the 2017/2018 HealthEDGE Challenge is Devices for better care, better health and better science.

Pitch Competition Eligibility

  • Participation in the HealthEDGE Pitch Competition is open to individuals who are at least 18 years old and at least one member of each team must be currently enrolled in a program at the University of Toronto. Eligible teams must also be in early ideation stage and pre-seed funding.