HealthEDGE: The CALL

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Give Health Care an EDGE!

We want you to share with us your “BUGS”–the things in the healthcare system that bug you or people you know.

Best ‘BUGS’ submitted will be awarded $100 each.

These bugs may be huge or small; technical or simple; they may be new things that no one has solved, or things that have been solved poorly.   We want them all, because even things that seem silly or small in one context, might spark ideas for projects that lead to larger challenges and innovations.

So tell us your Unsolved Problems or Poorly Solved Problems that have you saying, “There must be a better way.”

Tell us: Who need(s) what because why

    • What is the problem or need?
    • Who has the problem or need?
    • Why is it important to solve?

This Call is part of a broader innovation initiative more details here.