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HealthEDGE 2017/2018 : Devices for better health, better care and better science more details here.

What do we do?We connect caregivers, patients, health care providers, and researchers with the innovators and creators that can solve their challenges.

How can you get involved?

Join our community.
Submit your own challenge.
Participate in our workshops and events to find collaborators and experts.

Have you ever felt “There must be a better way.”

Share with us: Who need(s) what because why

    • What is the problem or need?
    • Who has the problem or need?
    • Why is it important to solve?


Let us connect you with teams of innovators so together you can bring these solutions to life.

These challenges may be big or small; technical or simple; they may be new things that no one has solved, or things that have been solved poorly.   We want to encourage discussions of all sorts of challenges, because even things that seem silly or small can lead to impactful changes.


HealthEDGE 2017/2018 Challenge: Devices

Accelerate your early stage prototype and proof of concept with workshops and access to advisors and experts.
Enter your solution into the pitch competition.
Winners will receive funds, access to advisors and experts, and support to build partnerships