Benefits and conditions of H2i (a University of Toronto Campus Linked Accelerator (CLA)) Membership.

H2i Mission:  To Connect, Align, Serve and Facilitate the translation, innovation and commercialization of Health Matters, with a specific interest on trainee driven entrepreneurship.


Client Member: is defined as an individual or group of post-secondary trainees pursuing a defined business idea for whom the H2i is dedicating assistance (financial/non-financial) of at least one 1 hr meeting per month.  In most cases but not exclusively these trainees will (undergraduates, graduate, residents, post doc fellows or other) be affiliated with the University of Toronto.


  • Access to paid advisors, faculty advisors, and volunteer mentors
  • Access to professional services:
    • eg Lawyers, Accountants, Marketing firms or professional  organizations
    • Techna Services
  • Access to specialized equipment and labs
  • Links to partnership network (TAHSN, UHN, RIC’s, CLA, etc)
  • Complimentary access to H2i Events
  • Access to funding and support available from H2i (on a competitive basis);
  • Inclusion on H2i’s website and promotional materials,
  • Access to H2i’s investor network and resources.
  • A program mentor (or mentors) to help provide project related feedback.

Conditions of Membership:

There are no fees or dues to belong to H2i, but every client is expected to support the CLA’s mission:

  • For reporting purposes clients must provide a point form quarterly update on CLA mandated information, where relevant.  All information is de-identified and anonymized before being presented. Any public reporting is based on aggregate data and not on individual client information. (see Application form).  This information is to be provided as a range based on a scale not actual numbers.
  • H2i Clients must maintain 1hr per month of activity (on average) to remain in good standing:
  • 3 months of (unexplained) continuous inactivity will trigger a counselling meeting;
  • 6 months of unexplained inactivity will result in [P1] loss of H2i membership
  • IP Policy: H2i’s IP policy falls under the umbrella of the UofT Campus Linked Accelerator Network and as such, neither H2i or UofT makes any claim to any of the IP produced by our Client Members in good standing.  However, clients who access specialized equipment or services offered by third-party labs or institutions outside the UofT campuses are responsible of confirming in advance the third-party IP policies.

Application Form