UofT’s science leaders talk women diversity, discrimination in STEM

University of Toronto students Ekaterina An, Alexandra Mogadam and Melissa Galati  spent countless lunch breaks talking about the challenges they face as women in medicine. An and Mogadam are in the master’s program and Galati is a PhD student in the Institute of Medical Science at the Faculty of Medicine. They talked about issues like how conscious women have to be of their appearance, whether they can express their femininity and whether women have to work harder to be taken seriously. But the questions proved too big for the three U of T graduate students. Continue Reading

H2i was a proud supporter of the event,  It Was Never A Dress, that showcased a panel of U of T’s trailblazers in science, technology, engineering, math and medicine for a discussion at Hart House on Aug. 1.

If you were unable to attend the event, you can find the social media recap of the night, here!