We believe in a world where people aren’t afraid to talk about mental health. Where caring for our mental health is seen as normative and as important as our physical health. Where people feel empowered, not ashamed, to tackle their mental health head-on, and have ready access to the tools to do so.

Our mission is to lead this change through raising awareness, building community, and providing non-intrusive tools to empower individuals to take ownership of their mental health using technology.

The first mental health problem Bia is tackling: panic attacks. 40 million people will experience panic attacks in North America every year, and only 1 in 5 of them will get the help they need.

Many of these individuals find it difficult to recognize the signs and triggers of a looming panic attack; they become overwhelmed and are unable to effectively use tools to manage the attack.

Bia helps users take control of their mental health so they can be their most powerful selves. We're building an app for their wearable that predicts panic attacks and helps users learn to take action when it’s most important -- before they start.

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