Lumpectomy or breast conserving surgery (BCS) is an essential component of most breast cancer treatments, but it can often result in poor cosmetic outcomes due to large soft tissue defects from the procedure. There is an increasing demand for better cosmetic outcomes as these patients are expected to survive longer-term, and poor cosmetic outcomes can serve as a constant reminder of their illness, causing psychosocial distress, which in turn can negatively impact on their quality of life.

Polumiros Inc. has developed polymeric fillers (ReFilx) that provide breast cancer patients a cosmetically superior and minimally-invasive solution for the permanent restoration of breast tissue defects following breast conserving surgery. ReFilx implantation represents a simple, cost-effective, versatile, permanent and aesthetically superior solution for partial breast reconstruction, requiring no biological processing, minimal surgical dissection, no prior knowledge of the defect dimension/shape, and a short surgery time (insertion time <10 min). Furthermore, this novel technique has the potential of minimizing breast surgery-associated complication rates as well as the incidence of positive margins.

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