H2i’s 2020 Pitch Perfect Competition


Pitch Perfect 2020 Competition

The Pitch Perfect Competition  is a Faculty of Medicine and Health Innovation Hub initiative to celebrate and support student innovations on Health Matters.  Applications will be evaluated and six student project proposals will be selected to pitch their entrepreneurial ideas for three Student Innovation Fellowships of $5,000 each to help develop your idea. Applications are due Fri Nov 6th 2020 and Mentorship hours will be provided Fri Nov 15th to help students perfect their pitches. Each pitch will be 5 minutes long followed by 5 minutes for Q&A with the judges. Candidates must apply online and one member of the team must be a current U of T student

Pitch Perfect will take place on Wednesday November 18th 


To help teams prepare we will host a market research session with Carey Toane, Entrepreneurship Librarian on Wed Oct 14, 2020 @ 12-1: a zoom registration link will be added here in the Fall.

About the session: Do you have an idea but aren’t sure how to validate it or what tools to use? Come to our session on market research for startups and get a head start on tools and resources to ID your industry players, segments, and size. We’ll look at best bets for proprietary databases to find data points, as well as strategies and tools to translate information into impact in your pitch deck.Note: Participants must have a valid UTORid to access UofT library resources.


Application Details

Application Includes

  • List of Team Members and affiliation with the University 
  • Project description (up to 400words) including identified Health / Medical Need 
  • Project Description 
  • Work Plan / Milestones 
  • Short term and long term funding priorities

Guidelines and Criteria

Evaluation Criteria:
Proposals will be evaluated on commercialization/translation potential including (but not limited to) the following criteria: 

  • Identified Health / Medical need; 
  • Scientific basis for design solution; 
  • Novelty, complexity, risk & feasibility; 
  • Work plan, milestones, deliverables & decision points; 
  • Knowledge transfer plan; and 
  • Health Impact / Market Potential. 

Development activities may include (but are not limited to): 

  • Refining and implementing designs; 
  • Testing / evaluating application; 
  • Market studies; 
  • Demonstration—Proof-of-concept; 
  • Preparing demonstrations; 
  • Building prototypes; and 
  • Performing beta trials. 

The Pitch Competition

Six proposals will be selected for Pitch Perfect  by a panel of invited judges from the Faculty of Medicine and Industry. 

Student Innovation Fellowship: 

  • Three teams will be awarded $5000 each, and will be accepted into the Health Innovation Hub 
  • Student innovations in Health Matters is defined as any health related projected affiliated with a department, extra departmental unit, UofT/TAHSN community partner with the Faculty of Medicine, which is targeted towards effect and efficient student driven translation of research discoveries 
  • One member of the team must be a registered University of Toronto student. 

For further information or questions:info.h2i@utoronto.ca 



*Student means undergraduates, graduates(masters or PhD), Post-docs, enrolment in professional programs etc.

*The current student will be the presenter at the Pitch Perfect competition


Apply here:

Pitch Perfect Application 2020


Please include all team members

Project Description

Please describe your project below. Keep in mind these 10 key questions: What is the Problem you are solving? What is the size of your Market? Who is part of your Team and what do they bring? What is your Technology and Solution? Who are your Customers and what is your Revenue model? How will you go to Market? Who is your Competition? What is your Value Proposition? What is your Financial plan? What are your key Milestones?

Best of luck to all applicants!