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CDL Pre-Application Mentorship Program 2021
Each year, the H2i community comes together to help our Level 2 and 3 companies prepare for applying to the Creative Destruction Lab. Our program involves 5 easy steps to strengthen your venture and shape you into a competitive CDL applicant.  

Program Overview

CDL Pre-Application Mentorship Program has 5 easy steps to strengthen your CDL application. Step 1: Attend the peer-to-peer information session on June 2, 2021 fat 4 PM ET. Step 2: provide your CDL application materials via the H2i website. Step 3: Book a 1-on-1 meeting time. Step 4: Received tailored mentorship from H2i Director Paul Santerre or Associate Director Andris Lauris. Step 5: Use your strengthened materials to apply to CDL by the deadline!

Please note that this program is a closed program and only available to current H2i Level 2 and 3 client companies.

Key Events

Peer-to-Peer Information Session

This 1.5 hr panel session is a closed event and will be moderated by H2i Director and CDL-Health Mentor Paul Santerre. The panel will feature fellow H2i clients who have experience within the CDL program including:

    • Arma Biosciences (Surath Gomis);
    • Cohesys (Michael Floros);
    • Cosm Medical (Derek Sham), and;
    • Paradox Immunotherapeutics (Natalie J. Galant & Yulong Sun)

Session Agenda

4:00 PM: Opening Remarks

4:05 PM: Introduction of Panelists and Moderator

4:10 PM: Panelist Discussion of Experiences

4:50 PM: Q&A

5:25 PM: Closing Remarks

Registration information will be shared directly to H2i Level 2 and 3 companies via email. Please contact the Program Coordinator at info.h2i@utoronto.ca if you believe you are eligible and have not received the registration link!


Application Review

H2i Director Paul Santerre and Associate Director Andris Lauris are providing any interested Level 2 and 3 companies the opportunity to submit their application materials for review by them.

Use the form below to submit your application materials by June 13, 2021 @ 11:59 PM ET

1-on-1 Mentorship Meetings

Client companies who have submitted their materials for review are able to book dedicated 1-on-1 mentorship meetings with either H2i Director Paul Santerre or H2i Associate Director Andris Lauris to discuss their application materials.

Mentorship meetings will be held on the following dates (specific timeslots TBD):

  • June 29, 2021 @ 10 AM - 1 PM
  • June 30, 2021 @  10 AM - 12 PM

Timeslot sign up information for the meetings will be sent via email by the Program Coordinator once we have received your submitted materials.

Application Material Submission for Mentorship Review

Please use the below form to indicate your interest in having your materials reviewed and to provide all relevant materials to the H2i team.

This form will be open for submission between June 7, 2021 @ 10 AM ET - June 13, 2021 @ 11:59 PM ET


H2i and all affiliated client companies do not guarantee successful intake into the CDL program. All opinions expressed herein on this webpage and at program events are speakers' own and do not reflect CDL nor H2i as a wholeH2i level 2 and 3 companies engage with this program at their own discretion and understand that H2i is not responsible for application outcomes.