External Opportunities
The Grand Questions: Medicine by Design
The Grand Questions: Medicine by Design invites researchers to submit proposals outlining how they will address one of the following Grand Questions. These questions have been developed and refined in consultation with investigators at U of T and its affiliated hospitals and Medicine by Design’s Scientific Advisory Board. 2020 Grand Questions Overview
  • Designing Tissues de novo — Can we make tissues that perform better than nature?
  • Affordability and Accessibility— How can we make regenerative medicine available to everyone?
  • New Technology for Cell Tracking— Can we record the m/RNA/protein/signalling history of a cell?
  • Physics of Regeneration— What are the core physic-chemical principles governing organ formation, and can they facilitate organ regeneration?
  • Senescence and Aging— How can we turn back the clock, making old cells young again?
  • Reversing Organ Failure— Can tissue damage that is considered to be permanent actually be reversed?