External Programs
MITACS Accelerate Entrepreneur Program
A new offering from Mitacs provides early-stage support to PDF and graduate student entrepreneurs. Accelerate Entrepreneur funds student entrepreneurs to further develop the research or technology at the core of their business when hosted by an incubator facility. Mitacs funding helps student entrepreneurs to take real, meaningful advantage of the supports provided by the incubator, with the goal of commercializing the technology, product, or service rapidly.  In a nutshell, they get paid to grow their company and get to market faster. Click here for a list of incubators approved for Accelerate Entrepreneur. How it works •    Starting at 50% funding, both Mitacs and the start-up invest in a research-based internship with the company for the graduate student or postdoc entrepreneur •    The student entrepreneur spends the internship undertaking research that both furthers the company and their graduate work, while drawing a salary •    They receive a minimum of $10,000 for a 4-month project We support growth where you need it Accelerate Entrepreneur helps an early-stage business where it makes the most sense: •    Piloting and testing a new product, service or technology •    Iterating and improving on an existing product, service, or technology A flexible and scalable option •    Make the company’s limited budget go farther •    Applications are accepted anytime •    Evaluation is completed in 6-8 weeks •    Projects start at 4-months and can be scaled up depending on the start-up’s needs Get started on your application today! An Accelerate Entrepreneur application consists of: •    The completed Mitacs Accelerate proposal •    The completed Conflict of Interest declaration •    A letter of support from your host incubator facility Email accelerate@mitacs.ca with questions about program requirements and eligibility.