COSM Medical
Pelvic floor disorders are a common, growing and underserved women's health issue. The disorders include prolapse and incontinence which drastically affects quality of life of half of all women by 80 years of age. Current gynecological prosthetics used to support pelvic organs, commonly known as pessaries, come in over a hundred different shapes and sizes all fit by trial and error. With what’s currently available, some women can’t find the right fit, many will stop wearing them, and most will get complications including chronic pain and tissue abrasion. Cosm Medical has developed a novel and proprietary ultrasound-based measurement system and are creating a digital platform by combining it with data science and 3D printing to provide women with Gynethotics made for their specific body and needs. Our digital urogynecology platform will modernize the business of urogynecology while personalizing care for millions of sufferers so more can live and age with dignity and grace. Join us on our mission for Personal Pelvic Health.
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