Enrich Bioscience, Inc.
Diagnosing cancer at an early stage can cure the disease and limit the disease severity. Enrich Bioscience is developing a sensitive and highly specific test for early cancer detection from non-invasive samples such as blood, urine, saliva. It will interrogate the 1000s of DNA biomarkers in a single test and the analysis is artificial intelligence (AI) powered to iterate its diagnostic model with each additional result. Enrich Bioscience Incorporated is a biotechnological company headquartered at JLABS in the MARS Discovery District in Toronto, Ontario and conducting preclinical trials on the colorectal cancer samples- obtained from the tumor biobanks and the academic collaborations at the University of Toronto. The entry opportunity will focus on providing service to colorectal cancer patients who are in remission to monitor relapse. and later, the test will be applied to other cancer types and stages.
Primary Contact: tarang.khare@enrichbioscience.com