Nurenyx Inc.
Nurenyx is a startup whose mission is to become the leading provider of AI-driven technologies and solutions to challenges in the development and validation of new medical interventions. We have created a virtual platform offering a knowledgebot with cardiovascular, cancer, and other disease information. Our platform is accessible across multiple communication devices including mobile, web, virtual and augmented (extended) reality interfaces. End-users are able to connect live to remote health care providers if needed. Recent data showed that 31% of trials failed due to insufficient participant enrollments. This number is expected to increase significantly due to COVID impacting project budgets and milestones in the pharmaceutical industry. Our platform enables virtual trials including participation and management, remote data collection, and on-demand medical information access. Through our virtualized, interactive and augmented environment, our platform helps demystify clinical trials and increase participant engagement in medical intervention. Our platform supports sponsors and clinical research organizations (CROs) with real-time data collection, health informatics/ reporting, education, and compliance monitoring capabilities to increase trial success rates in the “new normal”.
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