IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Able Innovations Automates Patient Transfer to Make Caregiving More Sustainable

Congratulations to H2i venture, Able Innovations, for the launch of their ALTA PlatformTM, a healthcare device expected to revolutionize patient handling and improve working conditions.

Our ALTA Platform™ offers a paradigm shift by allowing staff to do more with less, while protecting them from chronic injuries – all at a time it is needed most.

Jayiesh Singh, Co-Founder, and CEO of Able Innovations

Able Innovations is on a mission to make caregiving a sustainable practice. As healthcare workers (HCWs) face added burdens in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare facilities seek long-term solutions to improve working conditions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a cycle of short staffing and employee turnover amongst HCWs. Many HCWs have left their jobs due to difficulties coping with the pandemic’s demands. Occupational hazards such as physical overexertion and burnout are key contributing factors to staff shortages. Since spring 2020, healthcare settings have witnessed a drastic rise in occupational hazards, as 40-60% of HCWs across North America are currently experiencing burnout. The issue calls for immediate intervention to target factors driving hazards.

“At Able Innovations, we care about the issues of short-staffing and burnout deeply. We want to make caregiving more sustainable for healthcare workers to ensure loved ones and patients are better cared for,” said Able Innovations Co-Founder and CEO, Jayiesh Singh.

Able Innovations is led by Jayiesh Singh and Philip Chang, both of whom are experienced entrepreneurs passionate about robotics and using technology for good. The start-up was founded in 2018 with a mission to dignify caregiving by creating impactful solutions for specific needs, starting with the ALTA PlatformTM for lateral supine transfers in hospitals.

A routine healthcare task that contributes to overexertion and burnout is patient transfer. The process of patient transfer involves moving a patient between surfaces such as bed to stretcher. Able Innovations is eliminating the risk factors associated with patient transfer by introducing their robotic device, the ALTA Platform™. While current methods of transfer require 2-8 caregivers to exert immense physical effort, often leading to high-cost and chronic workplace injuries, the ALTA Platform™ allows a single caregiver to conduct automated transfers at the press of a button.

The ALTA Platform™ is highly relevant today, as the issue of short-staffing spreads. The device conducts safe, efficient, and dignified transfers while protecting front-line staff from career-ending injuries.

The ALTA Platform™ allows staff and facilities to do more with less – a characteristic that will grow increasingly significant as we see a rise in an aging demographic.

H2i is thrilled to see Able Innovations continue to emerge as a leader in patient care and looks forward to following the impact of the ALTA PlatformTM.