The Ideation Clinic is pleased to announce a call for applications for the 2023 Ideation Key Program! Apply by November 30, 2022 at 11:59pm.

Do you have an idea for a healthcare problem that you want to advance into a demonstrable prototype with commercial potential?

The 2023 Ideation Key Program is an experiential learning opportunity that will help students better understand how to innovate in healthcare to improve the lives of those living with chronic conditions. Students will learn to develop early-stage, validated and tested ideas to save time, mitigate downstream risks, and yield better startup teams for funders or incubator programs.

Students will also have the opportunity to be guided by designated mentors throughout the process, and submit their ideas for evaluations at the end of the program. The Top Five concepts will get a change to pitch their ideas to a team of judges on Demo Day to access further funding, support, and recognition.

The deadline for applications is November 30, 2022 at 11:59pm. See below for more information on how to apply, or visit the Ideation Clinic website for full information on the 2023 program.

Ready to move a healthcare idea from concept to prototype? The Ideation Key is an evidence-based framework developed to systematically forge, translate and prototype the application of knowledge into practice, products, services, policies or protocols for health innovation.

This year’s program is targeted towards anyone in healthcare or those with lived experience with a desire to learn how to ideate or those with an early-stage idea for a health intervention to improve the lives of others.

In the Ideation Key Program, you will learn how to ideate and refine a healthcare idea or concept. You are assigned ,and will meet with, a designator mentor who will support you in your process.

When you are ready, you may submit your idea for evaluation. The Top Five concepts will get a chance to pitch their ideas to a team of judges on Demo Day to potentially access further funding, support and recognition.

Why Apply?

  • Learn how to ideate via the Ideation Key, an evidence-based framework created to guide you and take out some of the guess work.
    • Work with a designated mentor for the duration of the program.
    • Learn from a diverse and disciplinary group of mentors, key opinion leaders  and individuals with lived experience.
        • Get introduced to early-stage ideation and knowledge translation through experiential training.
          • Support a culture of research translation whilst igniting startup formation.
          • Learn practical skills and tools such as project management, stakeholder maps, and more.
                • Meet your future colleagues, collaborators and funders.
                  • Get access to resources and skills from across Canada.

                  Pick a stream and choose your own adventure!

                    1. You can bring your own project:
                      • Do you have a project or an idea that could improve the lives of others? Or are you interested in learning how to ideate? Here’s your chance to learn how to move your idea from current state to desired state using our evidence-based framework, the Ideation Key.

                        2. Cardiology:

                        3. Spinal Cord Injury:

                        • Are you interested in advancing innovation to benefit people living with SCI? Connect with world-class team of SCI experts, mentors and people with lived experience to move your idea from bench to the marketplace. In partnership with the Praxis Spinal Cord Institute.

                        Please click this link to fill out the application form. Application deadline is November 30, 2022 at 11:59pm.

                        ECHO STREAM:

                        Fourth-year undergraduate students and graduate students enrolled in a Canadian university as well as post-doctoral and clinical fellows affiliated with the Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN). It is designed for those interested in exploring research translation and entrepreneurship within the cardiovascular health sector.


                        Open to clinicians, clinician scientists, engineers, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, all other healthcare professionals, and individuals with lived experience.

                        No ideas, startup, or previous experience necessary!

                        We will close applications at 30 learners per stream for 2023.