After their impressive presentation at the 2023 Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) International Convention, Paradox Immunotherapeutics has been announced as the winner of BIO’s Emerging Start-Up Stadium!

Led by cofounders Dr. Natalie Galant and Yulong Sun, Ph.D., Paradox Immunotherapeutics is using their first-of-its-kind-drug design platform to address the challenges of treating protein misfolding diseases. While there are more than 30 established protein misfolding diseases, there remains a significant lack of successful therapies, due to the unique challenges of drug discovery for these conditions. Making incredible strides in this area, Paradox Immunotherapeutics is using their platform to identify distinguishing features on target proteins to in turn develop front-line monoclonal antibodies. Their novel platform has proven success, as the Paradox approach has developed therapeutics for four protein misfolding diseases to date.

Dr. Galant presented the company’s research-to-date to a line-up of expert judges, as one of 47 finalists from 12 countries. Of the win, she shared with Bio.News that, “Being distinguished and recognized amongst a group of highly innovative and ambitious companies by the venture capital community emphasizes the impact of our efforts and strengthens our commitment to our mission. It serves as a powerful motivator for us to keep pushing forward and achieve the transformative difference we aspire to make for patients’ lives.”

Learn more about Paradox & their win here!