Congratulations to H2i venture Ruh Care, who recently won the Collective Continuum Spark Award. Founded in 2021 by Toronto-based Omar Khan and Humeyra Nur Celebi, a Turkish psychologist, Ruh Care is a platform which connects users to culturally sensitive, Islamically-aligned therapy. Recognizing both the challenges to accessing therapy, and the importance of finding a therapist well-aligned to individual needs, Ruh Care is working to improve accessibility to high-quality, culturally aligned care. The founders competed against seven fellow finalists, ultimately taking home the top prize: a $100,000 USD cash investment, and $50,000 USD of in-kind branding and consulting services.  

Of the win, Khan shared with H2i that, “winning the Collective Continuum Spark Award is a significant milestone for us at Ruh. It validates our hard work and the innovative approach we’ve taken in addressing mental health issues. Start with the right intention and the work you are doing is going to be fulfilling!”  

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