Dr. Walid Farhat is professor with the Department of Surgery, University of Toronto, and a Pediatric Urologist with The Hospital for Sick Children. Since 1998, after joining SickKids, Dr. Farhat has gradually developed a unique niche within the urology field in the education, clinical and research arenas. His most recent expansion of practice has been within the medicolegal area after completing his Global Professional Master of Laws with the University of Toronto.
Dr. Farhat is both the Fellowship Program Director in the Division of Urology, as well as the Associate Surgeon in Chief of Education for the Department of Surgery. He has a particular interest in education, and has received multiple teaching awards, including the A.W. Bruce Faculty Undergraduate teaching award for multiple years and has completed the Stepping Stones Teacher Training Certificate program. He is continuously involved with hands on education in the operating room, the clinic and the research lab, and through formal and informal education sessions. Dr. Farhat successfully initiated and organized the Pediatric Urology Laparoscopy Course (PULC) for the past 11 consecutive years. The course is for North American pediatric urology first year fellows, teaching them the basic skills of laparoscopy through both didactic lectures and hands on pig lab (www.sickkids.ca/lap). Condensed versions of this course have also been conducted by Dr. Farhat at SickKids, nationally and internationally.

Dr. Farhat’s main clinical focus is minimal invasive surgery (MIS) using both laparoscopic and robotic approaches. In order to expand on the robotic surgery utility in the pediatric population, Dr Farhat helped acquire a Robot at SickKids for research purposes. His research in robotics is to investigate the mechanical restrictions in small animal models and the technical and ergonomic details for successful multi-quadrant surgical approaches. To enhance collaboration and fasten the development of robotic surgical tools he created a robotic forum http://lab.research.sickkids.ca/purc/forums/

Dr. Farhat also oversees a basic science research projects is urinary bladder tissue engineering. His team studies the basic structure of the urinary bladder, its physical characteristics with particular emphasis on the early stages of urinary bladder development in animal models. With the ultimate goal to create a suitable bladder substitution that carries the same biocompatibility and versatility as the normal urinary bladder, the lab is currently investigating the mechanisms and stimuli for the epithelial mesenchymal transition during urinary bladder embryogenesis