H2i is proud to support Medicine by Design in the launch of the Building a Biotech Venture program.

Building a Biotech Venture is a multi-event program series focused on the core business basics of how to translate regenerative medicine research into a product or venture. From educational support to interactive workshop sessions and one-on-one mentorship, H2i helps Medicine by Design trainees take the first steps toward building a venture that will have a direct, positive impact on the biomedical ecosystem.

This is a three-phase program designed for trainees in Medicine by Design funded labs who are looking to translate their cutting-edge research in regenerative medicine into an impactful, sustainable, and successful venture.

  • Trainees will attend an introductory event to learn more about the program and have a chance to connect with the community
  • They will then be supported in the process of building a team of 3-5 members who are all driven subject matter experts eager to translate their research
  • Teams will have a chance to begin building their venture and pitches in an interactive, guided workshop
  • Teams are also invited to join the H2i community to access our multiple program streams
  • From Accelera sessions to one-on-one mentorship, trainees will learn to shape their ideas into effective, impactful ventures

At the culmination of this program in Spring 2023, teams will have a chance to pitch for up to $25,000 in non-dilutive funding.

How to Apply:

Stay tuned for 2022-23 registration dates.


Please email info.mbd@utoronto.ca for more information, or visit the Biotech Venture webpage.