H2i is proud to support Medicine by Design in the Building a Biotech Venture program.

Building a Biotech Venture is a multi-event program series focused on the core business basics of how to translate regenerative medicine research into a product or venture. From educational support to interactive workshop sessions and one-on-one mentorship, H2i helps Medicine by Design trainees take the first steps toward building a venture that will have a direct, positive impact on the biomedical ecosystem.

This is a three-phase program designed for trainees in Medicine by Design funded labs who are looking to translate their cutting-edge research in regenerative medicine into an impactful, sustainable, and successful venture.

  • Trainees will attend an introductory event to learn more about the program and have a chance to connect with the community
  • They will then be supported in the process of building a team of 3-5 members who are all driven subject matter experts eager to translate their research

Venture Development (January-March)– Ten teams will develop their ventures with guidance and training through mentorship and workshop programing. Workshops will be run by industry experts to help in scaling their ventures and prepare them for the pitch competition.

  • Workshop 1: Mentor introduction event (January)
  • Workshop 2: Intellectual property (January)
  • Workshop 3: Clinical translation and regulatory affairs (February)
  • Workshop 4: Early-stage investment (February)
  • Workshop 5: Pitching and presentation skills workshop (March)

Teams are also invited to join the H2i community to access our multiple program streams. From Accelera sessions to one-on-one mentorship, trainees will learn to shape their ideas into effective, impactful ventures.

Teams will receive pitch coaching, and compete in a pitch competition to a panel of industry experts. Teams accepted into the Venture Development phase of the program are eligible to participate in the Pitch Development phase but will need to submit a separate application once it opens in late February. Select teams will pitch for a chance to receive $25,000 (first place) or $10,000 (second place) in research funding.

2023-24 Program Series:

Join October 3, 2023 for an information session to learn about the Building a Biotech Venture Program. More info here.


Please email info.mbd@utoronto.ca for more information, or visit the Biotech Venture webpage.