Problem: Ineffective hospital communication costs North American hospitals up to $12 billion dollars and a loss of 15,000 lives annually. Currently, physicians have resorted to using non healthcare compliant messaging apps such as SMS texting, WhatsApp and iMessage as they provide a better user experience than outdated communications technologies such as pagers. This creates a major problem since the circle of care (the people who take care of the patients) are spread out on different platforms (email, pagers, text messaging, web messaging) resulting in a break in communication between them. Ultimately this results in lower quality of care for the patient.

Solution: Introduce a mobile first collaboration application that is catered to the workflow of Doctors. Hospitals are recognizing that this is a critical problem and many companies are trying to address the issue, indicating that there is investment opportunity in this space.

The clear difference between us and our competitors are listed below for the two primary segments in this industry:

Circle of care

  • built around collaboration rather than just communication, with feature such as integrated task assignment and management, priority messaging, group messaging, and deep searching of contacts and message history
  • built with ease of use and healthcare-specific workflows in mind


  • built with user accountability and security by design
  • powerful analytics on message data and integrations with existing hospital technologies



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