With nearly two decades experience in the Medical Device industry, Thomas Moore, PhD, is dedicated to helping companies navigate the intricate journey of bringing products from inception to market. He provides seasoned expertise on regulatory strategy, submissions, product development, go-to-market strategy, and the optimization of Quality Management Systems (QMS). Thomas’ specialized skill set lies in guiding the development of patient-centered products that must adhere to rigorous FDA and ISO regulations. His commitment to quality extends beyond compliance to include operational efficiency and seamless integration with existing systems. Thomas has a remarkable track record of enhancing the Quality and Production aspects of a business, ensuring that organizations achieve excellence in both compliance and productivity.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Thomas acts as a mentor and guide to healthcare entrepreneurs. As the founder of PTL Solutions Inc., he offers a range of consulting services to wellness product and medical device manufacturers. He’s passionate about helping emerging leaders create and execute strategy for three pivotal elements of success: navigating the path to profitability, securing FDA approvals, and delivering exceptional, patient-centric products. Thomas is not just an expert—he’s an educator who empowers healthcare entrepreneurs to reach their full growth potential at every stage of their product journey.

When he’s not busy managing quality processes or product development challenges, Thomas can be found tackling lego sets—from the Millennium Falcon to Elsa’s ice castle—with his kids.