We aim to address the need for rapid, on-demand testing and monitoring of biomarkers, including those for chronic disease, infectious disease, and personal wellness. Our solution is a single, versatile sensing platform which can be adapted to the biomarker of interest. This platform enables single-step, reagent-free detection, making it appropriate for at-home use by non-technical users. For our lead product, we are developing a handheld device with disposable sensor tips for remote monitoring of heart failure patients, with the goal of reducing patient rehospitalizations. The sensors will detect for BNP, among other biomarkers, which together correlate with heart failure symptoms. Only a finger prick of blood is taken for the test, enabling the patient to do weekly monitoring so their physician can make informed decisions on their prescribed regimen. There are over 6 million patients with heart failure in North America (65 million worldwide), and heart failure accounts for the largest number of rehospitalizations due to late intervention, with 3-4 per year and costing >$10,000 per patient per visit.

Shana Kelley, CEO –
Surath Gomis, Director of R&D –