Arterial Solutions

Arterial Solutions is a new medical device company that aims to introduce novel diagnostics for a variety of cardiovascular diseases. Our first product, Artery Alert, is the first-ever blood test for peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which will enable physicians to give a timely diagnosis. Subsequently, the quality of life of PAD patients is markedly improved (i.e. reduced PAD-related complications), primary care physicians benefit from an accessible and sensitive test, and healthcare systems benefit from 100 million dollars in cost-savings. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is the atherosclerotic hardening of the lower extremity arteries, and affects more than 200 million people worldwide. Despite its prevalence, PAD goes undiagnosed commonly, with studies suggesting that physicians fail to recognize the PAD status of 51% of their patients. This results in extremely high rates of amputations and deaths. To tackle this, we propose to optimize a blood-based test for the diagnosis of PAD by collaborating with leading companies in diagnostic assays. This test will assist healthcare providers in screening patients for PAD in real-time and will curtail the morbidity and mortality that PAD patients face globally.