Aufero Medical

Atrial Fibrillation is the most clinically significant form of heart arrhythmia, drastically increasing stroke risk when left untreated. Heart arrhythmias are permanently treated by energizing the tip of a therapeutic catheter to burn targets along the inside of the heart wall.
On average, 30% of first ablation treatments fail, requiring patients to return for a repeat procedure. Total medical costs for patients with repeat ablation quadruple remain 50% higher even when excluding the cost of the additional procedure itself.
Stable contact between the catheter tip and moving heart wall can reduce the failure rate by 20%, but solutions to help stabilize the catheter are unreliable. Aufero Medical has developed an accessory device that attaches to the electrophysiologist’s catheter to guarantee optimal contact stability during ablation.
In the US alone, our product can be used in over 305,000 eligible catheter ablation procedures, which would generate over $400M a year. US catheter ablation market is valued at $4.6B, roughly half of the global EP market.