One in four heart failure (HF) patients admitted to hospitals die within one year. Patients are instructed to monitor their condition at home after returning home from the hospital, but this strategy has been marginally successful due to patients not keeping up with the frequency of the measurements and interpreting the results. One in three older HF patients has a cognitive impairment, and self-care efficacy is further reduced because of the comorbidity. Another option is to have an expensive, invasive implantable solution (>$19,000) and monitor the condition. Balliscor’s solution, Zero-effort Tile, is an unobtrusive and autonomous care solution that monitors the patient during sleep without wearable or any contact with the body. The system consists of tiles placed under the patient’s bed and a mobile app that alerts clinicians or caregivers when there is an impending adverse event. The user requires no effort to take the measurements, thus freeing the patient from the burden of self-management. We are currently investigating the potential for early detection that is comparable to the implantable solution. The product is offered to the patient via referral by the physician, and the patient pays monthly for the rental and monitoring service fees. 

Contact: Isaac S Chang,