Nurenyx Inc.

Nurenyx Incorporated is a digital health company that creates software to enable cost-effective ways of testing new drugs and large-scale experiments involving human participants in decentralized clinical trials. The global clinical trials market size is estimated to reach >$70 billion dollars by the year 2027. The most frustrating part of this is that 80% of trials FAIL! It costs on average $2.6 billion dollars to successfully bring a drug to market. Clinical trials are becoming increasingly complex and expensive due to low patient retention and high administrative costs. This is significant because it impacts the global trials market that is experiencing a 13% compound annual growth rate. Patient recruitment & retention is challenging. Nurenyx’s clinical trials AI manager improves education, consent, treatments, remote monitoring, and participant follow-ups. We achieve this through workflow automation through a gamified experience while addressing high administrative costs to improve the patient experience while reducing dropouts. We achieve real-time health data monitoring and patient-centricity through a variety of devices including mobile and desktops, smart speaker/ microphones, connected IoT devices, and Extended Reality (better known as XR) headsets – all which are readily available for patients to use in the privacy at their home.