Goji Technology Systems Inc.

Gojitech is driven to create a healthcare system that works the way clinicians work, where its Clinician Interaction Cloud solution simply sits as an add-on to existing electronic health record systems making it easier for clinicians to deal with their digital systems using voice commands and touchless gestures powered by artificial intelligence. With Gojitech, the clinicians can simply use voice commands to automate structured clinical notes with ease, data entry, data selection, and other routine actions (for example, prescribing, progress notes, consult notes, ordering tests, competing forms, referrals, and booking appointments among others). No more “death by 1000 clicks”, no more manual data entry, and significant time saving (around 1-2 hours per day) and new revenues (convert the saved time to more revenue generating patient visits or simply time away).

CONTACT: ceo@gojitech.co