HDAX Therapeutics

HDAX Therapeutics is a small molecule preclinical stage drug discovery company that emerged from Dr. Patrick Gunning’s group at the University of Toronto. We are developing targeted therapeutics for the treatment of brain cancers and neurodegenerative disorders, by selectively targeting the disease driver protein HDAC6 in the brain. For these unmet needs that have no rationally designed therapy to this day, we have been able to overcome traditional challenges of drugs such as weak binding, off-target toxicities, and poor pharmacokinetic profiles. Furthermore, we have engineered brain penetrating HDAC6 drugs, a rarity in this space, allowing us to target brain disease areas which significantly depend on HDAC6 and has been unreachable to clinical drugs and competitors. Additionally, we have optimized dual inhibitors with strong antitumor immune-mediated effects in animal studies, opening an exciting and demanding avenue of immuno-oncology! To date, we have 1 PCT stage patent (full assignment) and 2 provisional under preparation. Moreover, our technology has won awards at numerous competitions including BioTEC 2021, Sweet Pharma Day, Medicine by Design – Building a Biotech Venture Pitch Competition, and more.

CONTACT: info@hdaxtx.com