Innonet Inc.

Innonet has developed a new active agent based on full organic compounds with extraordinary antimicrobial efficacy. The developed active agent is based on Chitosan and some herbal oils with the ability to inhibit all types of microorganisms (bacterial, funguses, viruses, spores, etc.) in different forms of liquid, polymers, etc. The emulsion form of the active agent has been used to produce high-level disinfectant and sterilant for health and medical application, while the masterbatch of biopolymer has been incorporated with existing polyolefin polymers to make self-sanitizing plastic, polymer, and fabrics. The proposed products vary significantly from self-sanitizing PPE to antimicrobial epoxy paints and self-sanitizing textiles. The proposed products are currently under review by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in US.