Lima Technologies

Lima Technologies is a B2B Company that is tackling nutrition and supply chain inefficiencies of food in Africa through a centralized digital platform that allows for food predictability, traceability, and reliability through leveraging on data, allowing enterprises to better feed Africa’s 1.2 billion people and empowering farmers to earn from their produce.

Through the Lima digital platform, Agri-processors, Food Exporters, Retailers and players in the Hospitality industry are able to plan and procure quality food produce from vetted farmers remotely. This in return ensures the farmers have a stable and steady income from sustainable markets with zero waste while also assuring that more nutritious food gets to markets and more people in Africa.

At Lima, we lean on technology to observe food needs, collect, and aggregate data at farm level in order to make informed supply chain predictions. We are the nexus between the now knowledgeable farmer whose food harvest needs to make its way to the market and the customer in need of high quality and nutritious food produce.