At OneDrug, we are advancing the implementation of precision medicine in global healthcare by developing smart point-of-care devices for the rapid identification of patients that will not respond well to drugs due to genetic defects in clinically relevant drug processing proteins.

We picture a personalized healthcare system where each patient’s genotype, phenotype, and physiology will be taken into account when designing their drug dosing regimen, ensuring an adequate response and minimizing unexpected adverse drug effects.

Around the world, 99% of people have genetic defects that affect how they respond to medications. Abnormal drug response can lead to clinically relevant safety and efficacy issues. Adverse drug effects claim one life per minute throughout the globe, 60% of which can be avoided. As a result, adverse drug effects are the fourth biggest cause of death globally and account for $30 billion in annual healthcare spending.

We are transforming the current narrative by empowering clinicians and drug developers with smart point-of-care devices to rapidly screen patients for possible clinically-relevant pharmacogenetic liabilities before making drug prescriptions and patient recruitment for clinical trials, respectively.

OneDrug is making precision medicine possible across the globe!