Training and assessing humans and AI in real-world situations is difficult and resource-intensive. Traditional methods like surveys are abstract and inadequate. In-person training, such as donning/doffing PPE, requires human resources and is expensive. Virtual simulations are an appealing alternative, yet they require technical expertise and long development lead times.

SilicoLabs’ software allows anyone to quickly and easily create interactive experiences for understanding human and AI behaviour. Users import their own 3D models, images, videos, and audio and create dynamic interactions between objects in the environment – without writing a single line of code! These experiences can be delivered on desktop, mobile, or VR/AR headsets, and incorporates event-related biosensor data (e.g., EEG). 

What’s more, both humans and AI agents can be tested and trained in the same experiences, providing a way to directly compare the behaviour of humans and AI. As AI becomes a larger part of our healthcare system, it is imperative that we develop models that are aligned with human values for an equitable and safe future.