Stroke recovery is challenging, complex, and inequitable. Inefficient patient-caregiver interactions and a lack of integrated monitoring solution for stroke patients leads to poor treatment adherence and sub-optimal outcomes. Stryde’s integrated assessment platform overcomes these barriers to improve the quality-of-care stroke patients receive. Stryde’s iPadOS application allows stroke patients to complete the Oxford’s Cognitive Screen, Beck’s Depression Test, and record gait measurements using an accelerometer remotely. This data is then available to the patient’s healthcare team through a secure server. Healthcare teams find great value in having access to frequent and clinically meaningful data to guide their decision-making process. Patients find value in monitoring their recovery and conducting sensitive assessments in a safe environment. In the future, we plan on integrating with electronic health records, such as EPIC, to reduce the barriers of adoption for clinicians. Ultimately, Stryde allows clinicians to spend more time pursuing person-centered care during in-person appointments.