ThirdSpace is a groundbreaking digital platform, meticulously designed to serve both clinicians and tech vendors in the healthcare sector. This platform stands out with its unique “funnel” approach, adeptly navigating the complexities of digital health technology to present tailored, high-impact solutions. For clinicians, ThirdSpace addresses the “Coffee or Lemonade Problem,” where the abundance of choices in digital health tools can lead to decision paralysis. Our platform simplifies this challenge, offering a streamlined process to discover, evaluate, and discuss digital health tools. By filtering through the vast array of options, ThirdSpace pinpoints those technologies that are most compatible and beneficial, tailored to the specific needs of individual practices. This approach not only saves time but also ensures that clinicians can confidently choose technologies that enhance their operational efficiency and patient care. On the flip side, for tech vendors, ThirdSpace acts as a spotlight, drawing attention to their products and connecting them with the right healthcare providers. This synergy between vendors and clinicians facilitates a more effective and targeted approach to technology adoption, increasing the implementation rate of digital health tools. In essence, ThirdSpace is more than a mere platform; it’s a strategic ally for both clinicians and tech vendors. By streamlining the selection process and fostering meaningful connections, ThirdSpace revolutionizes the way healthcare technology is chosen and implemented, ensuring that every selection is perfectly attuned to the needs of healthcare professionals and the capabilities of tech vendors.

Contacts: Hamza Malik,; Shaaf Farouq,