We at Curovate are a team of registered physiotherapists, and engineers that strive to improve patient outcomes, satisfaction and engagement following orthopaedic surgery. We develop mobile health solutions that provide patients with crucial pre- and post-operative rehabilitation following surgery. In Canada and the US, 80% of patients fail to do the necessary rehabilitation following surgery, resulting in higher rates of revision surgeries and surgical complications, a lower quality of life, higher pain medication use, and considerable cost to the individual and the health care system. Our over 18 years of clinical physiotherapy experience indicates that cost, accessibility, and convenience are major barriers to rehabilitation compliance. To address this, we exploit the ubiquitous nature of mobile health technologies. The medical need we are addressing is compliance and access to rehabilitation before and after orthopaedic surgery. Through our apps, we provide tailored rehabilitation programs for the entire 6- to 8-month rehabilitation journey. This program not only ensures improved patient outcomes, but reduces the burden on the health care system by avoiding the long-term health consequences that arise when rehabilitation is not accessible.
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