ExVilent Ltd.
Drug development costs have been soared, primarily due to the failure to translate preclinical animal and cell culture models into human physiology. Exvilent proprietary technology is our today’s answer to future clinical needs by redefining preclinical models. Vision: To engender precision medicine in preclinical research, an accessible reality. Mission: We have developed a humanized lung model composed of non-immunogenic murine lung scaffolds repopulated with human cells. Our mission is to utilize this ex vivo lung model to replace the traditional preclinical models for investigating putative pharmacotherapies related to lung disease, particularly lung carcinoma. Technology: Our patent-pending technology at ExVilent extensively advances ex vivo humanized lung modelling to obtain a homogenous distribution of cells of interest in airways. This model demonstrates promising results in recapitulating lung carcinoma manifestation and other lung diseases, using human primary cells and established cell lines, presenting an excellent opportunity for use in precision medicine.
Primary Contact: info@exvilent.com