Hypercare Inc.
Hypercare’s mission is to modernize how we work and communicate in healthcare. With extensive input from many dedicated clinicians and patients, Hypercare’s cuts out frustrations and inefficiencies that plagues our current system. Compliant Messaging Hypercare meets all government personal health information privacy and security standards to allow instant communication between providers, and also between patient and provider. Prevent data leaks and minimize medicolegal risk. Virtual Switchboard Locating feature allows users to search multiple schedules to find the right person on call and connect directly with them without the need for switchboard operators and pagers. Save time and money, and reallocate these resources for direct patient care. Prioritized Workflow Smart context flags allow providers to quickly scan messages and triage them quickly and effectively by category and importance. Improved workflow means higher patient throughput, decreased length of stay, and better utilization of beds and other resources.
Primary Contact: albert@hypercare.com