The way patient education is delivered today is inconvenient, unreliable and outdated. The majority of a patient's time accessing healthcare is spent waiting. Clinicians currently use static posters, pamphlets or digital signage to educate their patients in medical waiting rooms. These solutions are of inconsistent quality, and unengaging. With over 10,000 videos of medically-validated health care content from respected content partners such as HealthDay, Osmosis, Health Matters, the Canadian Press and The University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, Medistream provides a curated stream of the world’s best televised health content directly to waiting rooms. Medistream is customized for each clinic's demographics or specialty, with 6 specialty feeds currently streaming (Primary Care, Cardiology, Women's Health, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Neurology). Content can be programmatically white-labelled to create custom private health television channels for hospitals and large clinic networks.
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